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What made Muli happiest?

Zoe Farley
Maggie Farley
Food, then Aria.

What do you miss most about Muli?

Zoe Farley
His big blue eyes.
Maggie Farley
His incredible softness, and the way he would hold your face between your paws and knead, while he sandpaper-licked your lips.

What would Muli do to get extra food?

Zoe Farley
Anything and everything. He would whine and even try to bully anxing into giving him his food.

What nicknames did you call Muli?

Zoe Farley
Muli-bear, little oyster, fatso, little cat, etc.

What was Muli's worst or weirdest habit?

Maggie Farley
Peeing in my trash can.

If you could send Muli a message now, what would you say?

Maggie Farley
I'm very very sorry.

What was Muli's most human characteristic?

Maggie Farley

What did Muli do that made you laugh?

Maggie Farley
The way he came running when you called his name. (He thought it meant "food!")

His clumsiness. The way he fell out of the tree, and swung from the branches like a monkey on the way down.

What are your favorite pictures of Muli?

How did you pick Muli's name?

What are some of your favorite videos of Muli?

What was Muli's favorite food?