Marshall Saidel

    • MAR 30

      Marshall was born

    • APR 07

      Marshall's Bar Mitzvah

    • MAY 10

      Marshall's Graduation from College

    • NOV 06

      My wedding with Ellen Taylor

    • AUG 10

      Cruising in the Bahamas

  • Marshall was born

    Hillsdale, New Jersey
    On a cold wintry day (although it was already Spring), Marshall Saidel was born at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. Now Leslie, had a baby brother and his parents Seymour and Toby Saidel had their son. The Saidel family was now complete.
    By Marshall Saidel
    Marshall Saidel
    It was March 30th, and it was Marshall's special birthday. The party was held at his residence and family and friends were invited. Great food, drink, laughter, stories and friendship occurred on that day.
  • Marshall's Bar Mitzvah

    Great Neck, New York
    Marshall's Bar Mitzvah was celebrated on April 7th, at Leonard's of Great Neck. A fun time was enjoyed by all who attended!
    Marshall Saidel
    My parents had a great time, especially when they would dance!
    Marshall Saidel
    My cousin's Madene, Teddy and Marc were also there!
    Marshall Saidel
    My cousins Ricky and Jeff were there also enjoying the day!
  • Marshall's Graduation from College

    Stony Brook, New York
    Marshall and Mom at my graduation, It was held at Stony Brook University on LI, New York.
    By Marshall Saidel
  • My wedding with Ellen Taylor

    New York, New York
    We both were children, who were marrying each others best friend. Both of our heart's were racing with anticipation and nervousness, but once the ceremony was over, we enjoyed the music, food and spending time with our family and friends.
    Marshall Saidel
    Here I am, walking down the aisle feeling very nervous as well as my Dad (we both have the same expression!)!
    Marshall Saidel
    Here is Marshall with his parents!
    Marshall Saidel
    Here is Ellen with her parents
  • Cruising in the Bahamas

    The whole family went on a cruise to the Bahamas. We had so much fun - the eating, entertainment, swimming, stopping off and walking around in town. We loved it and will do it again with the family!
    By Marshall Saidel