Eva Jacobs

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What will you miss most about Eve?

Ellen Licht
Here is what I wrote when Eve died, and Elizabeth kindly read it at the memorial. I miss so much about Eve that I don't know where to start. She was a dear friend that I inherited from my mother...
I will post more of favorite moments, but for visits, riding the metro and buses together to those museums, a glass of wine on her terrace, movies, walking through the Lower East Side, making dinner, planting flowers, well, how to live, really.
Ellen Licht

What six words best describe Eva?

Elizabeth Sams
Bright, curious, energetic, witty, sociable, loving.

What were her guilty pleasures?

Elizabeth Sams

Eve enjoyed shopping of all sorts, but shoes were a particular weakness. One known and commented on so much by friends and family that shoe-themed gifts proliferated - whether she liked them or not. Shoe magnets, cocktail napkins, art books, and ultimately a dizzying collection of small, souvenir shoes.

What are your best memories of time together?

Elizabeth Sams
I have so many great memories of Eve, but most of my favorites involve the sight of her with her head thrown back, laughing hard at something a friend or family member just said. Often a joke at her expense. She loved getting friends and family together, and that never happened without good food, plenty of wine, and a lot of laughter.

What would Eve say is the secret to a long and happy life?

Elizabeth Sams
Eve would probably roll her eyes and laugh if anyone asked her that question directly. But judging from the example she set with her own very long and happy life, it seems some of the key ingredients would be: Stay busy, keep meeting people and making new friends, keep moving, laugh a lot, and end each day with a nice glass of white wine on ice.

What made Eve laugh?

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What did Eva dislike?

What did you learn from Eve Jacobs?