Pat Melpolder

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How has Pat made an impact in your life?

Jana Melpolder
She has always made it clear to make the right decision (which is not always the easiest decision). She has taught us to always be kind to people no matter what - and that has stuck with me my whole life.
Amanda Melpolder
She has always stuck by me, whatever the crazy endeavor, decision (good or bad) and phase I've gone through throughout my entire life.
Marylee Smail
Play a game is the secret. I admire her strong faith and love of family and friends.
Gretchen Davis
I love (almost) all my memories of Camp Lutherlyn. I am so glad to have such a wonderful place in my heart that I can go back to year after year. I loved the camp as a child and now I am thrilled to be sharing that place with my children. I attribute having this in my life because of my Mom. She understood the importance of the camp and made the sacrifices needed so that we could attend each and every summer of our youth. This of course was passed down from her mother as well. I am so proud that we have had four generations experience and love this very unique and special place. Thanks so much mom for passing this on to not only me, but my children as well. See you there this summer!!
SueEllen Speicher
Well I would not be here if it were not for her. :) My Mom is a very strong woman. She has overcome some pretty big struggles but you would not necessarily know that. I was always amazed that even though I have made some of the same choices she has I have always felt that it was my life I was leading. For example, we both went to PennState but except for a few stories she has shared I know little about her time there.