Pat Melpolder

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Share a favorite story you have about Pat.

Amanda Melpolder
I don't know if this is my favorite, but I love this one. Aleph was born a few days earlier than expected and before Mom and Dad had arrived. Their train was severely delayed (much hilarity ensued) but they finally arrived to a perfectly calm, perfectly swaddled, sleeping three-day old baby. Although it was late, they snuggled the perfect, perfect newborn before going to bed. The irony was that up until that point the new parents had not yet managed to keep the baby so content, clean and perfectly swaddled. I couldn't have imagined a better introduction.
Marylee Smail
A line down the room can never separate two sister's bond.
SueEllen Speicher
Elderberry Pie is still my favorite pie. Did you know that elderberries (except for old women making wine with it) is considered a weed? Anyway, what a great Mom you are for letting me run half naked in our yard. Spending lots of time in the elderberry bush and then getting to make pies with you. I still remember using the Hoosier cabinet to roll out the dough and then using the extras for the cinnamon swirls. These are very fond memories and although it is hard to get elderberries I still usually find enough to make one pie. (being fully clothed while picking)
SueEllen Speicher
This is such a hard question. When you have someone that loves you very much and has always supported you to pick one story is hard. I guess the story is a broad story that I have gone through 40 plus years of knowing that my Mom loves me. This has shaped me profoundly because it tells me that there is real love and support in a very confusing world. My Mom certainly does not give up on things. For example, she might be trying hard to kill a plant (no coke does not count as a nutrient for plants) but yet she keeps at the plant, keeping it alive somehow. Maybe a bad example since she is the one giving it the coke but the readers will know how much my Mom cares for people.