Abner Zalaznick

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Who were some of Abner's closest friends?

Lauren Zalaznick
In 1959, when Abbey and Gloria moved into 5 Parkside Drive, in Great Neck, N.Y., and their neighbors Miriam and Gene Halpert happened by (strolling down from 2 Parkside Drive) they became lifelong best friends. Now, in 2016, the Halperts still live in their same house, still 100% best friends with Gloria, emailing or speaking by phone at least once a day!
Lauren Zalaznick
Abbey's best friend-- for sure!-- was Gloria. He called her "buddy," "buddyboy," "lovey" (pre-dating Thurston Howell III, even). There were no boys' nights out or golfing vacations. Just time together almost always, when he wasn't at work.