Gary Valevich

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How would Gary most want to be remembered?

Yusuf Ahmed
Gary never was a self-centered person. He was considerate, loved to laugh and make people laugh. I remember him pulling me out of many sad times just by
making funny observations, encouraging me to help him do work, going out for lunch & dinner , having great conversations about a variety of things.
He was indeed a highly ethical person and extremely dedicating to getting his work responsibilties accomplished (even after surgery) and tried some innovative initiatives. I have plans for the future & and I had him in mind to be a part of them. He is an example of how we ought to treat other people with respect and courtesy and he was a blessing in my life.

Did Gary have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

Yusuf Ahmed
Gary had many phrases that made me laugh.

"How Bowza.", "Yes Ma'am.", "Ciao for now."

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What did Gary dislike?

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