Herbert Marks

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What was it like to play bridge with Herb?

Dominic Connolly
Hi there,

I only just heard the news of Herb's sudden passing, although I noticed he had not logged on to BBO for a while and it has come as a great shock. Herb and I spent many hundreds of hours playing bridge on line over the last few years since my return to the UK from Australia in 2011. It is a credit to him that he had the patience to be my partner for so many years as very few others put up with me for very long. We consistently achieved very good scores and we had a very good mutual understanding. I remember how excited he was about his move to Austin and I even thought that one day we would perhaps meet up and meet in real life for the first time. It is a most strange consequence of the internet that we can spend so much time playing together yet never meet. It is not until I read his lifestory that I realised we had so much in common, particularly in our careers. I was at Bankers Trust about the same time he left Lehman Brothers in the same line of business - risk arbitrage.

I am very sorry to have missed the memorial service last weekend but my thoughts are with his family and friends.

I'll miss you Herb and I'll miss the games

Dominic Connolly (thearb)