Nancy Reagan

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What are some of her best quotes?

Steven Waldman
I've had quite a life, when you stop and think about it.

To my young friends out there: Life can be great, but not when you can't see it. So, open your eyes to life: to see it in the vivid colors that God gave us as a precious gift to His children, to enjoy life to the fullest, and to make it count. Say yes to your life.

Just say no to drugs!

I must say acting was good training for the political life which lay ahead for us.

When people say, 'You have Alzheimer's,' you have no idea what Alzheimer's is. You know it's not good. You know there's no light at the end of the tunnel. That's the only way you can go. But you really don't know anything about it. And you don't know what to expect.

Feminism is the ability to choose what you want to do.

The movies were custard compared to politics.

I always liked red. It's a picker-upper.

My life really began when I married my husband.

With Alzheimer's patients, you have to be very careful what you say when you're looking at them over their bed. Because once in a while, they understand it.

Everything just fell into place with Ronnie and me. We completed each other.

I have been very happy with my homes, but homes really are no more than the people who live in them.

I think a woman gets more if she acts feminine.