Maestro Greenwald

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What was Maestro Greenwald's favorite food?

Diana Greenwald
He really loved chicken. I remember he once jumped from the floor to our dining room table to get some. Unfortunately, he developed an allergy to his beloved poultry and had to switch to chicken. He also loved to bite off the nose of my favorite stuffed animal (Lambie). I think he was jealous of another animal in my life, even if it was a plush toy.
Ava Seave
Technically, Maestro could only eat one kind of food -- venison. It turns out after he was about 6 years old, he developed an allergy to chicken, which is the most common dog food ingredient. So he ate venison in all forms -- treats, kibble and wet food.

Of course, he got some relief from this boring taste experience by licking up all the food that fell to the floor around the dining room table. He was a very good vacuum cleaner.