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What was Dino's most human characteristic?

Rich Matkins
He spoke in well structured sentences and paragraphs.
Rich Matkins
Dino often spoke in full sentences. Seriously!😊
Philip Strait

Where did Dino like to sleep at night?

Rich Matkins
At the foot of our bed.
Rich Matkins
At the foot of our bed and for years on his beanbag beds.

What made Dino happiest?

Rich Matkins
Philip Strait
He was quite content to share his connection with others.

What do you miss most about Dino?

Philip Strait
The warm comfort of his presence in the group.

What did Dino do that made you laugh?

What are your favorite pictures of Dino?

How did you pick Dino's name?

What are some of your favorite videos of Dino?

What was Dino's favorite food?

What six words best describe Dino?

Favorite photo of Dino looking awesome?

Favorite photo of Dino looking guilty?