Henrietta Margolin

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What did Henrietta dislike?

susan margolin
Henrietta disliked organized religion. She felt that religion created many problems in the world including wars, discrimination, and intolerance.

What do you most want people in the future to know about Henrietta?

susan margolin
Henrietta was very intelligent, and very liberal politically. She was also very supportive of her children and family. She worked very hard at whatever she did, from working in the family textile business in Allentown to working in the real estate business as a builder. She went to law school and graduated at age 21, having started in 1922, and graduated in 1926. She was a socialist, and an atheist. She liked the literary works of Upton Sinclair. She was a staunch union supporter.

Who were some of Henrietta's closest friends? Have photos?

susan margolin
Ruth Ross was one of her closest friends. They went to law school together. Rhoda and Harry Zicht were also close friends. When she was growing up she was very close to her brother Oscar, two years younger, and sister Helen, two years older. Later on, Oscar married Miriam Gold.

What will you miss most about Henrietta?

susan margolin
We miss her love, her support, her thoughtful advice, her dedication to her family. She also had great political instincts. She was very liberal minded. A socialist as well as a capitalist. She voted democratic all of the time. She sympathized with the workers who worked with her at her family's factory. She secretly wanted them to unionize, and thought that they were foolish not to do so.

What made Henrietta laugh?

susan margolin
She loved to laugh with her grandchildren and great grandchildren

If you could send Henrietta a message now, what would you say?

susan margolin
I love you and thank you for all that you did for us. You believed in each of your grandchildren, and supported us in all of our endeavors. Yes, there were a million questions, but there was never a question that your support was there and that you wanted us to achieve our dreams (as long as those dreams included med school for some of us) :-)

How would Henrietta most want to be remembered?

susan margolin
Henrietta would want to be remembered as an intelligent person, as an intellectual, mother of two fine children, grandmother of 5 terrific, talented grandchildren and great grandmother to 12 talented and gifted great-grandchildren.

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