Mary Bucasas

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What's your favorite picture of Mary?

Mariecar Frias
There are so many great pics of her!!! Here is one of my favorite pics from our vacation in Bermuda. This was one month before she was diagnosed. We were so happy and carefree during this trip and we always talked about going back. She was always happiest on vacation :)
Carmen F
My favorite picture of Mary is when she was the matron of honor at Mariecar's wedding!
nyree armoreda
This was a fun time I experienced with Mary in 2014 with her family and friends. We ate, danced, and sang karaoke til our heart's content! I have a vivid picture of Mariecon singing when her favorite song came in. She was beautiful and happy - just the way I'll always remember her! RIP Mariecon!
Bhak Tanta-Nanta
This picture of the group of friends sitting under the tree just outside of the Library at Dhahran Academy. Everyone is so young, vibrant, full of life, hope, dreams. This is the image that is in my heart always.
C.j. Bautista
This has always been my favorite picture of Mary.
I remember asking her to take this to help promote her campaign for alternative treatment. She was so eager and excited to do it.
Her strength, courage and amazonian will to fight truly made her a Wonderful Woman.
Samar Malik
Of her and her daughter
Maricel Bautista
This is at Jax beach. I love this picture of my sister, Mariecar and Mary!❤️
Maricel Bautista
I have too many favorite pictures of Mary. This one is one of them, taken last New Year's Eve 2015. This picture makes me laugh out loud all the time! We sure did have a good time!

We don't always sing karaoke together, but when we do, it looks like this...😂
Anne Bloch
Got to zumba for Mary! Such a fun day!! She is so awesome! Full of life!