Rosalie Waldman

A tribute to Aunt Rosalie's perfect matzoh ball soup as well as her general magnificence

By Steven Waldman

A while back my son made this great video of my Aunt Rosalie.  It's a great recipe but most important her wonderful personality shines through.  

And here is the recipe itself:


4 eggs, well beaten

½ cup water

Beat together well.

Add 3 tablespoons rendered chicken fat

1 teaspoon salt

Few dashes black pepper

1 1/4  cups matzoh meal

Mix in metal bowl and refrigerator one half hour or more.

Shape into balls with wet hands. Don’t add more meal. You’ll get canon balls! 

Gently place balls in salted boiling water and wait until they rise to the top. Transfer to your hot chicken soup broth. ENJOY!

The video has 20,000 views on YouTube and some wonderful comments including:

 fawzieh k
Thank you Aunt Rosalie what a beautiful cook and piano player thx again we enjoyed it!!

Sharon Azar1 
I just loved when she played "Where or When" on the piano!! thank you for posting this very sweet lady. I just tried making matzoh balls from a written recipe. Wish I had thought about Youtube first...

Kevin Browne

Absolutely love this recipe.... Oh, and if you don't listen to Aunt Rosalie playing the piano while making her recipe, they won't taste as good.

saucy baggage
Hugs to aunt Rosalie, I love your recipe and your piano playing! Iam going to make some soup now:) thank you!!

You answered questions my Mom couldn't. She, my Grandmother and my Aunt are gone. I wanted to make Chicken soup with matzo balls. They laughed at me and said just go to a Deli when they were alive. I see that they were wrong. I feel so happy seeing your video and learning how to make Matzo balls. Thank you so very much !

GREAT video. My wife is sick so I'm making Jewish penicillin for her. I LOVE Aunt Rosalie. Now THAT'S a woman. Beautiful!

Nick Kaplan
3 Decades of cracking eggs on the edge of the bowl and getting shell in the mix comes to an end! Cracking the egg on the flat surface is brilliant and works like a charm. Thank you Aunt Rosalie!

pig bodine 

Rosalie Waldman
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Rosalie Waldman
Personal History