Dede Smail

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How has Dede touched your life?

Pat Melpolder
She has brought such joy to my life - from the time we shared a bedroom and drew a line down the middle (she got the side with the door) to being a best friend and living in Erie. I sure do love her a lot for all the joy she brings to me.
SueEllen Speicher
Now that I am an Aunt I realize it is a very special female relationship in someone's life. Your Mom needs to guide and teach you and does this on a daily basis. An Aunt can do this too but maybe it is more relaxed or more fun. Aunt DeDe was a my wedding coordinator and her calmness through the whole experience really helped so much. She also enjoys crafts like I do so it is fun just to do crafts together. I really like how my Aunt has a very get up and go mentality and a I feel encouraged to get things done when I am with her.