Joseph Waldman

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Who or what may have influenced Joseph over the years?

Steven Waldman
In addition to his mom..::

--Jim Shapiro (high school debate coach)
--Prof. Scott Straus (Wisconsin prof on genocide)
Amy Cunningham
His grandfather, Austin Cunningham (from the opposing team, back in the day).
Kathryn Janus
The movie "Game Change."
Gordon Waldman
Amy Cunningham
His paternal grandfather, Martin G. Waldman, has extensive experience in radio, television and political advising.
Amy Cunningham
Joe's dad, Steven Waldman, is a journalist, entrepreneur, and lover of letters by the founding fathers, filled with lofty rhetoric and descriptions of their health complaints.
Amy Cunningham
His uncle, Michael Waldman. It's kind of cool to sit down to dinner with a former presidential speech writer.