William Glastris

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What are your best memories of your time together?

Hope Glastris
My favorite thing I remember his him scooping me into his lap reading to me.
Richard Harris
Seriously??? There is not enough room on this page
to explain my best memories of William.
Sanjay Kapoor
Took the aluminum boat on the Merrimack and the cotter pin broke. Got stuck on a sandbar and lost a shoe in the process of getting the boat dislodged. As I paddled strenuously back, what the Big G would exclaim in indignation was "What's the point of bringing along an auxiliary motor, if it is not going to get us back?" I was the darn auxiliary motor.

A few years later, Paul, the Big G and I floated the Eleven Point. At one point, through a small rapid, we leaned too far to avoid some low branches and tipped the canoe over. The Big G went for a good long swim and aside for a couple of scratches, everyone was safe. The Big G's bruised ego settled the score on the auxiliary motor remark.