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Bill's marriage to Bess Dimpapas Glastris: Why Was He So Happy?

George Glastris
Because they married slightly late in life (both were 31) and they were equals in the marriage. Also, they were opposites and it worked.
Paul Glastris
Mom was everything Dad wanted--gorgeous, smart, devoted, hard-working, articulate, charming, etc.--so of course he was happy. They were also well matched. You're right that they were opposites in some ways--he was more of a jokester, she was more serious; he was adventurous, she was pragmatic. But they also had so much in common. They grew up in the same church, went to the same high school, worked in the same industry (Mom was at KWK radio), and shared the same basic values and worldview.
Paul Glastris
What do you remember most about Bill's and Bess' marriage?
Hope Glastris
Their marriage was a balancing act. Yiayia kept Papou grounded with her ownership of everything she did (and still does) and her strong will, and Papou made sure she was never taking life quite too seriously. They respected each other as individuals, not just as each other's spouse.
Chuck Fandos
My Mom, Alice Fandos, told me that when she first met Bill, he introduced himself as my Dad's(Mike)best friend. Alice told me she wasn't sure what to make of this "best friend" until she met Bess and she knew all was right with this world! The four of them spent so much time together and had so many great times together.
Paul Glastris
From my high school classmate Thomas Andrew Jones:

Loved seeing a picture of your Mom. I remember her as such a good cook. I really liked our Dad too. At the end of a visit to your house your Dad would add up the cost all the drinks and snacks we consumed and try and get us to pay him. Please know that much to the dismay of my son I did the same thing to his friends. I can't wait for my granddaughter is old enough so I can continue the tradition.
Kukula Glastris
He was so happy because he adored Mom and simply reveled in her. He was proud of her accomplishments and her beauty. They are very different people (which seems to have been an advantage) but they genuinely liked one another, enjoyed each other's company, and remained in love. Dad was devoted to her family and she to his also true till the very end. They were partners.
Because Bess is a strong person, the best mother and wife and one of the most lovable person I ever met in my life.
Paul Glastris

Bill and Bess Glastris photo from St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church directory.

Jun 12, 2016

Paul Glastris

Bill borrowing money from Bess.

May 2, 2016

Chuck Fandos
Wow, that looks like George!!
Paul Glastris

Bill and Bess Glastris at the World Headquarters of Glastris/Manning Courtesy Checks Inc.

May 1, 2016