William Glastris

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Bill's College Career: Great Student or Greatest Student? What Did He do When he Wasn't Studying?

George Glastris
From what Dad told me, studying wasn't his main priority. He was the definition of a Big Man On Campus. He was involved in every extracurricular imaginable.
Paul Glastris
George Fandos
Well I know one thing he did when he wasn't studying, he taught by dad, Mike Fandos how to wrestle. In fact he taught him so well, he beat him a wrestling tournament, as he coached him in Greek on what to do next. Koumbaros Bill was like that, interested in his family and friends, especially Greek ones, doing well even if it cost him a medal.
Chuck Fandos
Clearly the best looking and brightest of the class of 1948!
Paul Glastris

Bill Glastris at his 50th class reunion at Washington University in St. Louis with chancellor Bill Danforth and classmate Mike Fandos.

May 1, 2016