William Glastris

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Bill's Extended Family: What Kind of Uncle, Brother, Cousin or Koubaro Was He?

Paul Glastris

Bill Glastris with (from left to right) sister Hope, cousin Maraki, sister Mary, and wife Bess.

May 16, 2016

CEO was simply the BEST. I was enjoing being with him, never got bored and I LOVED his great humor. William V. I miss you.
Chuck Fandos
Bill was my Nouno(Godfather). He was amazing to me, always cutting down the other kids and comparing them to me. They were all dumb, ugly, slow, etc. compared to me. I think I might have been better than Paul, Bill and George. ;-). He made me feel so good all of the time and I loved the energy he gave off. He organized so much for our community and had an amazing sense of humor. I remember him leading our Church picnic crowd across Kingshighway all blowing our Kazoos. Truly one of a kind!!
George Fandos
He was a fantastic friend and Koumbaros to our family. For those of you not knowing the term Koumaros, that means to "stand up" for someone in their marriage as a best man and potentially to be the Godfather of a child, like he was for my brother, Chuck. We Greeks in St. Louis had a wonderful group of Koumbaro that got together for holidays and Greek events. It was a wonderful "family" to have in addition to your own blood relatives.

Koumbaros also means "spiritual father". Now I know he was a great father to his sons, but he did have a spirit about him like no one else. A spirit of seeking fun, teasing and with very little distance from his brain to his mouth. He was quick-witted and could be direct but always with a big heart and generous smile. He truly was a "spirited father."
Paul Glastris

Easter, 1966, Bill Glastris with (from left to right) sisters Mary, Hope, Dolly, and Angie, brother John, and (in front) mother Katina.

May 17, 2016