Faye Lewis

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What is Faye's catch phrase or distinctive mannerism?

Elizabeth Lewis
As told by Faye: Apparently I used to cock my head a bunch. Apparently I still do it, but I've seen no hard evidence as of now.

How did Faye change from the first day of school to the last?

Elizabeth Lewis
As told by Faye: I think I got more extroverted. I became a much better writer. My first grade for my first paper in college was a C. I was the salutatorian of my high school, so sufficed to say, I was not used to earning C's. I ended up rewriting that first paper and earning a B, and over my four years my writing improved exponentially. I also learned a few drinking games along the way.

I vote Faye "Most Likely To...."

Elizabeth Lewis
As told by Faye: I would certainly be voted most likely to succeed.

What were some of the happiest moments from Faye's school years?

Elizabeth Lewis
As told by Faye: At the end of the day, I really enjoyed just hanging around with my friends. There were other fun parts too: I spent a ton of time running away from and chasing rude boys. I also had a good time interning in D.C., that was really something special.

What are the best pictures of Faye from these years?

What makes you proud about this moment?

What were some the inside jokes Faye shared with friends?

Yearbook quote?

What's the best throwback picture?

Who are some of Faye's best friends?

What are Faye's nicknames?

Who had the most influence on Faye?