Neshama '24

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Why is this important to you?

Veronica Slater
I never realized how important Israel was until I went on this trip. After going to Poland and visiting each grave site and concentration camp it occurred to me how vital it was to have a homeland for the Jewish people. They have been forced into exile countless amounts of times and people have continuously turned their backs on them. The Jewish people can trust no one and that is why they need a safe haven. When I toured around Israel I learned that although they are in constant danger, they never seem to complain. They live their life like there wasn't a war at all. Everybody is proud to be in Israel and don't mind being forced to go into the army following high school. Their communities are welcoming, because nobody is a stranger in the land of Israel. I never realized how weird it was to not have a relationship with my neighbors, until I went to Israel. Americans are so self involved and don't think about the greater good of the country. In Israel, they bond over their love and devotion to their country. I hope that one day Israel will be accepted and that the world will understand just how amazing Israel is.