James Moad II

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

Whoa. I can't believe I used to look like that! (Post photo, please)

J.A. Moad II
Freshman year of high school... flirting with the future homecoming queen

How would you like people to remember you?

J.A. Moad II
As someone who overcame obstacles, defied expectations and crafted a life inspired by the creative spirit inside of us all.

What are some of your favorite photos of yourself?

J.A. Moad II
Rugby photos from college, my first solo photo in a glider, from the south of France, pilot training pic, Tae Kwon Do...

What's your absolute favorite meal?

J.A. Moad II
My mother's roast beef and roasted potatoes. They taste like a eternal and loving embrace.

What have been your favorite jobs and why?

J.A. Moad II
Writing, teaching and performing. Each one inspires you to grow, to push yourself to connect with your imagination and the people you share those experiences with.

Which people had the most impact on you?

J.A. Moad II
My father, my baseball coach in High School and my rugby coach at the Air Force Academy.

What surprises you most about your life path?

J.A. Moad II
The lessons it teaches you. How you look back and say that something was difficult and challenging, but it taught you to be stronger--to become the person you are today.

What have been your biggest fork-in-the-road moments or decisions?

J.A. Moad II
9-11, as an Airline Pilot, member of the Air National Guard, and an aspiring writer, everything changed. I had to find a path to balance family, the future and my own creative spirit.

Write one sentence about each decade of your life

J.A. Moad II
1) A slow, shy, step by step stumble-walk-run into strength and confidence.
2) Stepping away, learning to defy limitations, the imagination freed to guide me as I light up the sky.
3) Oh, the places I'll gone, inside and out, each journey writing a story into the heart of me.
4) A world of complications, obstructions at every turn, challenges met, I search to find that path into myself, and I know the way ahead.
5) I see the story outside of me, understand the part I play, cast to create, to teach, and inspire, I give myself to the day.

What are you grateful for?

Post a photo from each decade of your life

What have been your favorite TV shows or movies?