Ekundayo Falade

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Ekundayo Falade

What are you grateful for?

Ekundayo Falade
The sacrifice my parents made for my brothers and I. Putting their life on hold and moved to the states with us so we can have a better life

Friends & family: What would you like Ekundayo to know?

Rachel Moorhouse
I would like Dayo to know that I value the friendship we have had over these past years. He should know that I am extremely proud of him and the life he has built since I have met him. Dayo is not one to give up when struggles come his way and he always seems to make the best out of bad situations. For a majority of our friendship he has lived far away due to being in the military. Even though he was far away I always knew that if I needed to talk or just have someone listen he was a Skype or phone call away. He should know that I feel blessed to have him in my life.

Which people had the most impact on you?

Ekundayo Falade
Steve and Carol Titus
Staff Sgt Griffin (Direct NCO in Afghanistan)

What did you go on to do as a career after the military

Ekundayo Falade
Logistics Specialist for a security firm ( I verify Security)

Did you join a veterans organization

Ekundayo Falade
Wounded warrior project, Team red white and blue, and Brooklyn park Mn veterans center

Tell me about your boot camp/training experience(s).

Ekundayo Falade
Boot Camp was a bit easy for me because i grew up in a boarding school in Nigeria that was run like a boot camp so i was use to some of the rules.

Why did you pick the service branch you joined

Ekundayo Falade
I thought the training was less difficult than the marine which i originally wanted to be part of but my parents didn't like that.

Did you make any close friendships while in the service

Ekundayo Falade
Yes. Friends that i served with are still very close friends of mine and i try to keep in touch either on social media or by phone