Eddard Stark

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If you could send a message to Eddard, what would you say?

Arya Stark
I want him to know how much I miss him. No matter how much I have tried I cannot forget where I came from. I cannot forget his stern but loving nature. I want him to know how grateful I am for how he raised me. He never pushed me to be too lady-like because he knew that wasn't for me. He even let me take sword fighting lessons. I want him to know that I would not be the person I am today without him and that I will always be seeking vengeance for his death.
Sansa Stark
I would tell him that his death, although it was tragic, will not lead to the end of the Stark name. So much has been taken from us, but I promise this is not the end. I have suffered so much since his death but I will keep pushing to take back what is ours. I will fight to get Winterfell back with my dying breath. I will do it in his memory, and for my mom and brother too.

Is there anything about the cause of death that you want others to know?

Arya Stark
My father was no traitor. For those of you out there who still somehow believes the lies that spew from the mouths of Lannisters I want to tell you what happened. He was charged falsley as a traitor to the crown. Anyone who knew him would see that he would never have wanted to be king. Robert was his friend and he did not plot to kill him nor plot to steal the crown from Geoffry the "rightful" heir. My father was doing what was noble and what was honorable and he somehow paid the price for it. I wish I could have taken Geoffry's life myself.

What or who has helped you get through this?

Jon Snow
I really want to thank my brother Samwell Tarly for keeping me grounded after my father's death. I remember as soon as I heard the news I was filled with such indescribable rage. I immediately got on my horse and rode out of Castle Black to seek revenge. Sam begged me to stay but I didn't listen. Being a true friend that didn't stop Sam. He rode out on his horse after me along with some of my other brothers. The silly git fell off his horse and I rode back to see if he was okay. They somehow cooled me down and told me to remember my vows. I am not positive it was the right thing to stay at the night's watch for good (given that I was killed) however, I do thank Sam and my other brothers for making me stay. I never would have saved all those wildlings and I may not have the chance to avenge his death now by taking back Winterfell.

What objects most remind you of Eddard? Have a photo?

Jon Snow
I would have to say the new cloak my sister Sansa just made for me reminds me a great deal my father. He used to wear an extremely similar piece all through my childhood. I think all of the stark children would remember it fondly. Here is a picture of my new garment.
Sansa Stark
I'm so glad you like it! :) I tried to make it just like the one he used to wear.

What is your favorite Ned Stark quote?

What would you like people to most know about Eddard?

How has this experience changed you?

Friends and family, would you like to offer a favorite prayer, quote or poem?

Friends and family, what words of comfort can you offer the survivors?

If you pray, what have been the messages or requests in those prayers?

How do you plan to honor your father's memory?

Friends, what words of comfort can you offer the Stark family?