Eddard Stark

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What or who has helped you get through this?

Jon Snow
I really want to thank my brother Samwell Tarly for keeping me grounded after my father's death. I remember as soon as I heard the news I was filled with such indescribable rage. I immediately got on my horse and rode out of Castle Black to seek revenge. Sam begged me to stay but I didn't listen. Being a true friend that didn't stop Sam. He rode out on his horse after me along with some of my other brothers. The silly git fell off his horse and I rode back to see if he was okay. They somehow cooled me down and told me to remember my vows. I am not positive it was the right thing to stay at the night's watch for good (given that I was killed) however, I do thank Sam and my other brothers for making me stay. I never would have saved all those wildlings and I may not have the chance to avenge his death now by taking back Winterfell.