Happy 25th Anniversary, Amy & Steve

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

How have Steven and Amy helped each other?

Steven Waldman
Practical things: She's a great editor. When you're writer, it's really handy to be married to a great editor. She's an artist so she's made our home sparkling and vibrant, and made me more open to such things. She taught me how to say hello to strangers on the street.

Spiritual/emotional things: She's made me a far more spiritual person. Her optimism is contageous.
Amy Cunningham
It's not that Steve always has the right answer, it's that he seeks right answers as a pastime. The pursuit of "the right thing to do" and the quest to carve out of his own life experience thoughts and things the world needs are important parts of his essence. And that's been helpful to me as well as inspiring beyond belief.

Whose moose head was it?

Amy Cunningham
Clearly Amy's. But it wasn't a moose. It was a stag. When they met, Amy exhibited hipster traits ahead of her time and had a stuffed stag's head hung as an emblem, or mascot, or personal statement in her Columbia Road apartment. At 6'1", Steve knocked its glass eye out whenever he passed it.
Steven Waldman
Really, this is why I fell in love with Amy.

A) She had a deer head on her wall.
B) She didn't mind when I knocked its eye out
C) She didn't conclude that I was an idiot for continously referring to it as a moose

What is The Song for Steven and Amy?

Amy Cunningham
Steven Waldman
We saw Allison Kraus play this at the Birchmere and it blew us away. A bluegrass/spiritual/folk version of the Beatles' song "I Will." We made it our official song at our wedding, disappointing the odds-makers who had counted on "Once in Love With Amy."

What are Steve's favorite pictures of Amy?

Steven Waldman

What were some moments when you realized you're still in love?

Steven Waldman
I was recently walking down the street in Brooklyn running some errands. I had a vague sense that Amy might be in the neighborhood. Then I saw her down the block, and I just broke into a big grin. Just seeing her, on an errand...a few hours after I had just seen her.

Also: we had a period of years where I was travelling a lot and the absence did make the heart grow fonder. But then in the last few years we've been working out of the house together. We see each other constantly. And it turns out proximity makes the heart grow fonder too. A good sign.

Best vacations?

Amy Cunningham

What are some of the best holiday card photos?

Steven Waldman

What have been some of the happiest moments of this marriage?

Steven Waldman
The four of us were snorkeling together, and then this happened.

What six words best describe Amy?

Steven Waldman

What TV or film couple do Amy and Steve most resemble?

Who was the disciplinarian when it came to the kids?

What was it about Steve that kept Amy from leaving him?