• OCT 31


    • FEB

      Bought into Forever Home

    • OCT 30


    • NOV 08


    • OCT 31

      Tenth Birthday

  • Born

  • Bought into Forever Home

    Flushing, New York
    The Chihuahua was bought by a family browsing through Busy Mall on Flushing's Main Street. She was promptly given the name, Yoshi.
  • Stolen

    Flushing, New York
    Yoshi was stolen the day before her birthday.

    A passing neighbor took a liking to Yoshi as she wandered at her home's open lawn, and took her home.

    Yoshi's family cried and searched for her by posting up fliers and online inquiries the next 10 days.
  • Found

    Flushing, New York
    Ten nights after Yoshi was taken, her family received a phone call about her whereabouts. The woman who had stolen her saw the fliers and online postings, returning her along with a new toy Yoshi would play with for the next year.

    Though she was in shock for the next month, Yoshi eventually recuperated through the reunion with her family.
  • Early 2015.

    Tenth Birthday

    Flushing, New York
    Yoshi turned 10 years old on Halloween, marking a decade of her life in Flushing.

    She still lives with her family.

    Her vision is worse and she throws up more frequently. But for an old dog, she still acts like a puppy, playing fetch and running wide grass fields faster than anyone.

    She no longer likes apples, but still likes vanilla ice cream (and vanilla in general) and nosing her owners under the elbows when she wants to sleep. She still hides when someone says the word "bath." She still fears walking over grates. She still chases cats and squirrels and spends her spare time nagging her family for food and a game of fetch.