Juan Guerrero

Dedicated Student and Partner

By Quinn Malloy

Juan Guerrero, 22, was full of light, life and love.  He had been with his partner, Christopher “Drew” Leinonen, for two years and the pair did everything together, Guerrero's sister, Aryam said.

“They were honestly so in love," she said. "They were soul mates. You can tell by how they looked at each other,” she said. “It’s a little comforting that they died together.”

Time reported that Guerrero and Leinonen will have a joint funeral: 

"Services still need to be planned by the reeling families, but they want the two to be side-by-side when loved ones bid farewell, said Guerrero’s father."

Guerrero was studying at the University of Central Florida to become a financial advisor.  UCF posted an in memoriam on their website for Guerrero and Leinonen: 

"The UCF Creed calls on all of us to 'promote an open and supportive campus environment by respecting the rights and contributions of every individual,'" the university's website read. "With our creed in mind, it is important our LGBTQ students, faculty, staff and alumni know this: You are not alone. Your university stands with you."

A window into Juan's life, through Instagram:

Juan Ramon Guerrero
Juan Ramon Guerrero