Richard "Gorilla" Osborne

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Richard loved nicknames - if you had the Gorilla for class, what was your nickname?

Ryan Haydu
Christine Wright
C- Dub (a shortened version of "C" "W" - college sports nickname)
Morgan Jones
My name is Morgan Jones. Dr. Osborne called me "Hawk."
Barış Biçimseven
For being from Turkey, my nick was "TURK"
Robert Knight
Richard gave me the nickname "Duke" because I was responsible for safety and security at WSOM in the years we worked together, and in his eyes, that likened me to John Wayne in his movie sherrif roles.
David White
Bill DiMenna
Ted Statharos
A Train... never ashamed of day dreaming again
Theodore Austin
WSOM 2011
Fernando Sucre
Bambito - WSOM 2000