Man of La Mancha

Don Quixote was Ron's archetype. His home was filled with art and statues of the "Don". Cervantes said, "The man who fights for his ideals is the man who is alive." That sums Ronne up pretty well.


Ronne Bruce Roope

  • Born

    By Eric Jennings
  • Move to Redondo Beach, California

    Redondo Beach, California
    This date is approximate. We'll try to get the exact year of his move in the near future.

    Now in Redondo Beach, Ronne focused on teaching in the school system and expanding the role of community theatre there. Several of his students from that time kept in touch until his passing.
    By Eric Jennings
  • Moved to Sedona, Arizona

    Sedona, Arizona
    Ron moved from Redondo Beach to Sedona, after being given an opportunity to manage a gallery there.
    By Eric Jennings
  • Move to Cottonwood Ranch

    Cottonwood, Arizona
    Ronne bought the last house built in the Ranch, in 2002 and moved in circa 2003. Why move from Sedona? He was teaching at Yavapai College, right up the street from the new complex - and he was interested in local history. He later became Jerome's historian. Ask Ronne almost anything about Jerome and he could tell you without looking it up.
    By Eric Jennings
  • Died

    By Eric Jennings