Johnny Albert Altman

  • Donna East
    Son of Jessie Alvin and Mamie Alice from Starke, Fl. The family moved to Miami when.. he was still a young boy. He stayed in Miami to marry, raise a family, and make a successful career of carpentry and contracting. When he retired he made his home him Dunnellon. He loved it here, his little house in the woods. He loved to walk the area and feed the birds and squirrels.
    Donna East
    The love story of Johnny and Cecile begins in 1950, Dad is fifteen and Mom is thirteen. They were Inseparable until the end. They endured ups and downs and all life could throw at them for 61 years of marriage that began on July 19, 1954,
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    The love story of Johnny and Cecile ~

    Miami, Florida
    Mom was thirteen, Dad was Fifteen little did they know what life had in store for them. They were just kids when they met. Nothing would separate them, only the end of life itself. He loved my mom unconditionally, he watched out for her, did little things for her to make things easier, and before he passed he finished up a bunch of loose ends so she didn't have to worry.
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    Dunnellon, Florida
    Our immediate family wrote him letters, we read them to him before we sent them with him.