Micheal Dupree Mitchell

  • Born

    By Tracy mitchell
  • Day we met

    Salt lake city, Utah
    The day we met was the happiest day of my life. It was on June 15th 1980. I had Todd my oldest son he was 1 years old and finally we moved in together.Then on July 23rd.1988 we had our (his) 1st son marques Dupree Mitchell ,we were so happy ,then on may 10th 1992 we bought our house .and on May 15 1992 we were sitting on our floor of our new home, ( kids were at grandmas) , that was the happiest day of our lives ,we were looking through some photos , and micheal turn to me and said sweetheart now that you have made me the happiest guy in the whole world. He said I love you so much .(then he said i know I said a long time ago that I would never get married ), but you've have changed my mind he said i want to spend the rest of my life with you .and now that we have had a baby .then bought our house .will you please marrie me .and I said what are you sure and he said I'm sure and I said yes yes, so then I said so when do you want to get married and he said next week I said what he said on May 23rd 1992. I said how.and he said Let's go get out marriage licence so we did I called my mom and told her ,she said that her and Dave will take care of it .so we got married at 10:30 a.m.on May 23rd and then at 6:30p.m. that night we had our reception and open house together it was the best day ever then on 2/3/2000 we had a baby girl Michaela d .she is daddy's little princess . Then on 9/6/2001 we had a baby boy maurice d. Our family was completed 3 boys 1 girl . We have 3 grandchildren there Dru, Devyn, ava. We never spent another night apart no matter what .then on May 7th 2013 . We receved the worst news ever ,micheal hadn't been feeling good so we went to the hospital he had some rest done .then about 15 mins. Later the doctor came back in the room and put this photo up on the board it was something huge .he look at us as we held hands and said I'm afraid there's no other way to say this but you have (micheal ) and just then I felt my eyes tear up , and i said tell us what what's wrong and the doctor said micheal you have advanced 4th stage colon cancer that has allready spread to your liver and lungs and we can't cure it in so sorry this photo is a very large tumor that is blocking your colon and it's to big to remove . We both looked at each other as our eyes were filled with tears and i said no that can't be how and micheal said so I'm going to die when and the Dr said everyone is different . Then after many surgery's and lots of chemo and radation and spending lots of time in the hospital fighting so hard and so very much pain he was in .it came to a end. and on 9/11/2015 at 6:30p.m. he took his last breath .our hevenly father called him home. R.I.P baby I will love and miss you so very much .but I know your finally free of so much pain, and now you can sleep with out all the pain you were in .untill were together again baby. Your wife forever.
    By Tracy mitchell
  • Died

    By Tracy mitchell