Elidia Gonella Martos

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Eduardo Maros
I enjoyed sitting in the kitchen watching her cook.

Watching her and my dad hold hands in long drives.

The way she always brought me back to god... in my dankest hours she never gave up on me.

Her fighting spirit... her spunkiness!
Maggie Martos
1) Taking her to the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden
2) Watching her make her pizza and empanadas
3) sitting on the porch together in the afternoons having chamomile or mint tea and chatting
4) playing Bunco together with our kids
My favorite memories of mom are:

1) Spending time on the phone with her every night for her last two years - I already miss the calls :( .
2) Playing dice and cards with her. She always had the most incredible luck!
3) Helping her make pan de anice.
4) White Christmas in Big Bear with mom and family.
5) Going camping with mom and dad in their motor home.
Maggie Martos
Yes all very nice memories to cherish

What did Elidia love?

Eduardo Maros
My mom loved music. her favorite was Argentine Folklore. As a child I remember singing some "zambas" with her. The first one I learned beginning to end was "zamba de mi Esperanza".

When we moved to the states, she soon took "Musica Americana"...I remember watching Lawrence Whelk with Mom, Dad, and Grandma Dolores...I also remember one of our first family purchases was a television console that had a disc player and one of the few indulgences my mom and dad had was purchasing records.. Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass, Christmas Albums, and Argentine Music.... When we grew older we started to introduce them to different music genres and I will always remember the day I walked in the kitchen in La Mirada to hear my mom singing "Toot Toot Toot Looking out my back door"... Que dice esa cancion Eduardo?..(What is that song saying Eduardo?... I felt proud that my mom had finally found a song of "mine" worth her singing!
Eduardo Maros
Mom Loved Music... These are two songs I remember singing with her
Maggie Martos
Flowers and gardens, having her whole family all together in one place at one time, playing Basica, sweet treats, knitting

What do you most want people in the future to know about Elidia?

Maggie Martos
She was a good woman, among the best of Gods family on earth.
Eduardo Maros
That her faith in God and her family always came first

What crises has Elidia faced?

Maggie Martos
I think her ultimate challenge must have been watching her husband's decline over such a very long period of time and feeling helpless and alone.

What did Elidia dislike?

Eduardo Maros
Mom was not a fan of spicy food.... She thought pepper was too hot!

What did you learn from Elidia?

Eduardo Maros
I learned that no matter how menial a job might be, you did it to the best of your ability

I learned persistence, perseverance, and to always trust in god

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Maggie Martos
Here is Grandma with our friends Terry Piro, and Brad and Dolores Kimball and their triplet boys when they were little.

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