Elidia Gonella Martos

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What did Elidia love?

Eduardo Maros
My mom loved music. her favorite was Argentine Folklore. As a child I remember singing some "zambas" with her. The first one I learned beginning to end was "zamba de mi Esperanza".

When we moved to the states, she soon took "Musica Americana"...I remember watching Lawrence Whelk with Mom, Dad, and Grandma Dolores...I also remember one of our first family purchases was a television console that had a disc player and one of the few indulgences my mom and dad had was purchasing records.. Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass, Christmas Albums, and Argentine Music.... When we grew older we started to introduce them to different music genres and I will always remember the day I walked in the kitchen in La Mirada to hear my mom singing "Toot Toot Toot Looking out my back door"... Que dice esa cancion Eduardo?..(What is that song saying Eduardo?... I felt proud that my mom had finally found a song of "mine" worth her singing!
Eduardo Maros
Mom Loved Music... These are two songs I remember singing with her
Maggie Martos
Flowers and gardens, having her whole family all together in one place at one time, playing Basica, sweet treats, knitting