Elidia Gonella Martos

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Please post your favorite memories of Elidia / Grandma / Mom here. Try to keep these short and use the other section, Life Story, for longer narratives.

Eduardo Maros
I enjoyed sitting in the kitchen watching her cook.

Watching her and my dad hold hands in long drives.

The way she always brought me back to god... in my dankest hours she never gave up on me.

Her fighting spirit... her spunkiness!
Maggie Martos
1) Taking her to the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden
2) Watching her make her pizza and empanadas
3) sitting on the porch together in the afternoons having chamomile or mint tea and chatting
4) playing Bunco together with our kids
My favorite memories of mom are:

1) Spending time on the phone with her every night for her last two years - I already miss the calls :( .
2) Playing dice and cards with her. She always had the most incredible luck!
3) Helping her make pan de anice.
4) White Christmas in Big Bear with mom and family.
5) Going camping with mom and dad in their motor home.
Maggie Martos
Yes all very nice memories to cherish