Chase (Brandon) McCall

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What are you best memories of your time together?

Laurie Sivik
Hanging out at Company Picnics and Work where he "tagged along" frequently
Watching Marvel and DC movies at Taylor's Howard Theater where he sat two rows behind me because he was 'too old' to sit with mom

When I lived in Round Rock, and it was just me and him for the weekend, doing whatever we wanted to...movies, Walgreens, Swimming pool, Fitness Center, whatever

I bought an overcoat for Duane for Christmas and Chase fell in love with it in his Dr. Who stage, put it on, and twirled around with his (UGH what is that thing called???) landing with a serious Dr. Who face.
Laurie Sivik
Singing at the top of our lungs no matter where we were driving. Always singing together. ALWAYS