Cadence sharee orcutt The girl with the heart of gold

Cadence the day you were born you had Nana vondas whole heart and still to this day my heart still belongs to my number one princess I love yoy to the moon and back through the stars


Cadence Sharee Orcutt

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What do you most want people in future generations to know about Cadence?

Vonda Meers
Where to begin there's so many wonderful attributions that this unique bright, intelligent, talented, compassionate, loving, caring, giving, kind, smart, goofy, helpful, funny precious 8year old left in the hearts of all who knew her and those who came in contact with this girl with so much love in her heart ,she definately had a heart of gold and a smile to make you melt, and knew that her smile she would always get her way with Nana as well as alot of others.
While most children were contimplating on every thing they wanted selfishly not my goose she at 6 years old came up with the idea to help other kids at Christmas so she saved up aluminum cans for the year and called everyone she knew to save them for her hopes, dreams, wishes, so the end of the year Christmas time rolled around and she cashed in her cans had a few hundred so her mom took her to pick out a family I'd never been so proud of my princess for what she set hey mind to and achieved her goal
While most children this age are wanting every thing in sight and throwing fits to get there way my cadence was giving up her allowance to buy less fortunate Kids things they wanted
To cadence Christmas wasn't about the gifts to her it was about family spending time with them building memories and about setting down with family for Christmas dinner she is a very unique little girl, and she also would pay for her friends things she was also a mommy in training she was my daughters rock,her best friend, her go to for advice she would
Feed, changes, make bottles, dress, bath her siblings not because she had to but because she wanted to and the educational things kk did with the kids like, teaching them there colors, numbers,to count manners,behavior, love, happiness I've honestly never seen a stronger bond formed between
a brother and sissy as her and preston she is his comfort, security, best friend his rock, he still has seperation anxiety but has good and bad days especially at holiday times, birthday's, school functions, family outings there's so many other things I could go on and on but im going to give some others a chance to list there's as well
I do know that life without my beautiful cadence is not now or ever going to be the same ever again, there will always be a undescribable pain that your heart hurts, and the emptiness, loneliness the every day tears rolling down your cheeks just the thought of this angel this had been and will continue to be one of the worst most trying times my family had to face and it's forever this pain I wouldn't wish on any parent or grand parent, this pain changes how you feel, think, who you are, how you treat others and most days you don't like or know the person you've become, you forget lot of things you once before wouldn't, most days you don't even have the strength to get out of bed and could care less if you did, you just want to say the hell with life what's the point when you've had the one person who is your everything taken from you without reason I know they say everything happens for a reason but no way that God would let my baby suffer and go through such a horrific death and to be all alone there's just no god damn reason in this except a coward low life heartless man that has no compassion in his heart for no a single soul to bail on kk to let this precious angel die alone crying out for her mommy and Nana and his worthless rightousness cruel piece of crap that had the odasity to call him her papa,had no right what so ever to put my baby's life at risk no god damn right what so ever who the hell to go against cadences and brittanys wishes just two days prior to the fatal horrible accident that took my baby back home to Jesus this late November day and left this coward son of a bitch without a single mark, not a spot of dirt, blood nothing didn't try to save kk only his low life coward self as he bailed out of the car and let her go down alone and sitting out of breath up the road saying he killed her, then in statement lied about everything and to this day still continues to lie about my granddaughter but I know the truth and I promised cadence he will pay for robbing her of her hopes, dreams, activities, her family, friends,sports, love, happiness, joy, laughter, because he took on the role of God that day thought he had the right to take her life while his cowardly heartless piece of crap still gets to take a breath each day her life ended so his worthless no good cowardly bastard could keep on living sucking the life out of his next victim.