Annette Weinreb

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How did Annette affect other people?

Lauren Zalaznick
Lauren Zalaznick
Brian Zalaznick So glad I got to reconnect with the indomitable spirit of Annette in Sonoma riding her tractor at 90+ with Risa and Peter. She was special. Proud to be a Zalaznick.
Lauren Zalaznick
Brian Zalaznick So glad I got to reconnect with the indomitable spirit of Annette in Sonoma riding her tractor at 90+ with Risa and Peter. She was special. Proud to be a Zalaznick.
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What were some of Annette's favorite places?

Lauren Zalaznick
Well Ocean Beach, Fire Island has to be tops! But Washington Heights and Riverdale were certainly dear to her.
Risa Weinreb Wyatt
She loved her time in Boynton Beach, Florida--especially her volunteer work at Harid Conservatory. Here in Sonoma, she spent countless happy hours at the library and eating ice-cream cones in the Plaza. And she loved any and all movie theaters (and movies).
Phelim Dolan
Fire Island! Even as a new member of the family (it's only been about 30 years) I remember many fun visits to Cracker Jack (the name of her house in Ocean Beach)

Did Annette have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

Lauren Zalaznick
The word "swell," as in "gee, that's swell."
"A happening," in referenece to anything from a family get-together to a political rally.
"possibly a druggie," in ref to anyone of dubious character, of a certain type.
"I don't care for it," in ref to a very strong opinion of something she dislikes
"That just happens to be my opinion," ditto.
Barbara Zalaznick Schwartz
Barbara Zalaznick Schwartz
These are some things I associate with Aunt Annette:

"The best of times are now"
Orson Bean
the word nee, as in Annette Weinreb, nee Zalaznick
the Caddy (Aunt Annette had a cherry red cadillac) in the '70s??
"your gays" -- said with affection when the word gay started to become a thing.
referring to herself in the third person "Your Aunt Annette enjoys her ice cream"
strong opinions about politics, celebrities, and movies among other things

I see her with a big smile, waving to me from the dock
Risa Weinreb Wyatt
And with a big smile, she'd wave at Peter and me when we'd be leaving from Sonoma for Seattle, or France, or Turkey: "Take care of each other."

Have you felt the presence of Annette in your dreams or prayers?

Lauren Zalaznick
This azalea (see pic) was given to me by someone at Dad's/Abbey's funeral. 5 1/2 years later, it seemed to have lived its useful life-- it isn't really an indoor plant and we were surprised it lasted this long! It was definitely about to die. A couple of weeks ago it started to get buds on it and they all bloomed this past weekend. Absolutely at their peak the day Annette died.

Seconarily. On monday morning, the day Aunt Annette died, i was making phelim and i our yogurt-bowl breakfasts, looking at the bowls thinking about a Depression-era pitcher that I loved, that I had gotten from Aunt Annette when she moved out of Boynton Beach, three years ago. Through carelessness or bad luck or a "sign" this summer, that irreplaceable pitcher shattered as I was making iced tea. Monday, as I was thinking about the pitcher, the bowl with the yogurt in it spontaneously cracked in two clean halves. I wasn't touching it--just looking at it and thinking about the pitcher! Ask Phelim!
Barbara Zalaznick Schwartz
On the day Annette died, my wifi suddenly went out in my apartment. The next day, I had no Internet connection in the office (only my computer was affected, everyone else was connected). Aunt Annette did not care for the Internet. She did not have an email address. Instead, one received notes and letters and post cards from Aunt Annette, and sent ones back in return. Thanks to that phenomenon, I have a bunch of wonderful letters to post, not soulless emails.My 48 hours without Internet, I believe, was Aunt Annette's work from beyond.

What would most people be surprised to learn about Aunt Annette?

Lauren Zalaznick
That she had a cadre of Japanese women students, to whom she taught English. For years and years, I believe in her home in Riverdale. She had cards and ink drawings and fans they gave her in appreciation, many times sent from home when they were travelling.
Barbara Zalaznick Schwartz
Aunt Annette was at the epicenter of the U.S. Presidential election.... in 2000. Bush v. Gore was too close to call all through election night. The next day I spoke to Aunt Annette, a lifelong Democrat, on the telephone. She had been a volunteer at her local polling place in Palm Beach county... err FLORIDA. She and her co-volunteer were the ones to drive the ballots over to be counted, hanging chads and all! This is how the sausage gets made, folks.

Did Annette have a favorite pet? Have a photo of them together?

Lauren Zalaznick
Yes! Figarette, aka Figgy, the family's beloved black miniature poodle.

Do you have a video of Annette singing or dancing?

Lauren Zalaznick
Well, here is a signature Aunt Annette Voicemail from 2016. There is nothing as recognizable as Annette's voice-- her vocabulary, the cadence, the tone. We can hear her voice when we read her many postcards and letters. There are many that I'm going to post! The final one, Aunt Annette is getting on, but I'm including it because of the very particular way she said "ANnette" sometimes. Classic.
Barbara Zalaznick Schwartz
This is the greatest thing ever posted. Everyone, give yourself a treat and listen to these!

How would Annette most want to be remembered?

If you could send Annette a message now, what would you say?

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