Annette Weinreb

    • SEP 22


    • JUN

      Junior High School Graduation

    • JAN

      Annette's father, Sam Zalaznick, is killed

    • A rare picture of the five Zalaznicks

    • SEP 26

      Annette Zalaznick & Maury Weinreb get married

    • JUN 12

      Maury Weinreb Death

    • JAN 10

      Nephew Dale's Bar Mitzvah

    • DEC 12


  • Born

    By Lauren Zalaznick
  • Junior High School Graduation

    New York, New York
    By Lauren Zalaznick
  • Annette's father, Sam Zalaznick, is killed

    Washington Heights, New York
    Sam was tragically murdered in the family candy store, Zalaznick's, by two gunmen who were never caught. In addition to this being a traumatic and near-unheard of event in and of itself, it was a terrible time, coming just a few months after Abbey's deployment at 19 years old; another death within weeks of Sam's brother Edward Zalaznick, and followed just months later by the wartime death on or about D-day, of Annette, Abbey, and Shelley''s cousin Eddie Zalaznick
    By Lauren Zalaznick
  • A rare picture of the five Zalaznicks

    Such a rare photo of the 5 of them. I don't know if another exists. As Abbey and Annette explained it, it was "never" that Sam and Esther left the candystore unattended by either one of them personally, except for Jewish Holidays. I can't remember if this was on a shoreleave, or right before Abbey shipped out for the Navy in WWII and that was the occasion for the photo, to preserve a memory of the five of them.
    By Lauren Zalaznick
  • Annette Zalaznick & Maury Weinreb get married

    By Lauren Zalaznick
  • Maury Weinreb Death

    By Lauren Zalaznick
  • Nephew Dale's Bar Mitzvah

    New York, New York
    Dale's Bar Mitzvah Service and Reception, on Washington Square South. It was Annette's last trip to New York City and she loved every minute!
    By Lauren Zalaznick
    Lauren Zalaznick
    This is St. Paul's, the chapel in which Tamid worships, at Dale's shabbat Bar Mitzvah service

    Broadway at Vesey St, the oldest chapel in NYC, where George Washington was inaugurated!.

    More importantly, tres sportif beret!
    Phelim Dolan
    Discussing the venue with her niece Lauren.
  • Died

    By Lauren Zalaznick