April Lynn Holland

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

What are your best memories of time together?

Angel holland
When me and her were young and we would go down to this lake and play with crayfish and catch them and go play at the park together...

What six words best describe April?

Angel holland
Sweet heart
Great mother

If you could send April a message now, what would you say?

Angel holland
For her to forgive me for not being the best sister that she should of had...

How would April most want to be remembered?

Angel holland
She would wanted be remember the person who made u smile and brought a smile any room she would walk in... She was very goofy,crazy and did the craziest things ever...

What's your favorite picture of April?

Did April have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

What made April happy?

What did April dislike?

What objects most remind you of April? Have a photo?

How did April affect other people?

What were the most life-changing moments for April?

What were April's favorite TV shows, movies, books or music?