Matthew James Weekley

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

Who were some of Matthew's closest friends? Have pictures?

Lisa Kozel
Lisa Kozel
Matthew had many friends.
Some of his closest friends over the years were:
Justin C., Shana P., Laura D., Dustin and Kristen D., Daryl D., Trisha M., Matt G., John S. Christine T. Sam and Sarah T.

The hospital visits from Justin and Shana meant so much to him!
Lisa Kozel
Dustin and Justin
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Who were some of the people Matthew respected or looked up to?

Lisa Kozel
Jim and Mickie Duncan
"Papa and Nanny"
Lisa Kozel
Matthew was blessed with amazing Grandparents and a beautiful sweetheart of a Great Grandmother.He loved and respected all of them especially his Grandfathers who he looked up to and learned so much from over the years. Two of the greatest men and role models a young man could have. His heart was broken in 2003 when he lost his Papa Duncan.
His Papa Weekley continued to be such a special part of his life and he and Mama were by Matthews side through his surgeries and in his final days.
He dearly loved his Grandparents and his Great Grandmother.
Lisa Kozel
Roger and Rae Weekley
"Papa and Mama"
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Best trips or vacations? (Post a photo if you have one)

Lisa Kozel
One of Matthews favorite vacations was the summer we went with his Mama and Papa Weekley to Cass Railroad . He LOVED riding on the train!
Lisa Kozel
Senior trip 2003
Lisa Kozel
He had a blast at Sea World !!

Best photo looking silly?

Lisa Kozel
Lisa Kozel
Always a goofball !

Did Matthew have children or were there any special children in his life ?

Lisa Kozel
Matthew LOVED his neice Skyler and nephew Luca.
He loved being Uncle Matt and was so good with them.
Lisa Kozel

Who or what were the people or things Matthew was the most protective of ?

Lisa Kozel
Matthew was VERY PROTECTIVE of his family, especially his brothers and baby sister.

Jason, Jeff and Stephanie

If you could send Matthew a letter or message what would it say?

Lisa Kozel
My Precious Son,
On March 17,1985 in a delivery room in Barberton , Ohio I watched you take your first breath. You were perfect. The second I held you in my arms I knew you would own my heart forever. I watched you grow from a sweet little boy to the amazing young man you became.You were the most honest, sincere, hardworking and caring son a mother could hope for.
When you became sick with cancer your courage and strength amazed us all. You suffered so terribly but never gave up. You became our "Warrior" ! You inspired so many through your heartwrenching battle.

On December 12, 2015 in a hospital room in Pittsburgh, Pa I watched you take your last breath. My heart went with you. I don't know why God only let me keep you for 30 short years but I am so blessed that he chose me to be your Mother.
They say time definitely does NOT.
They say "he's still here you just can't see him...
It's not the same.
I know you are here watching over us. You are an angel now.
But what hurts the most is when I say " I love you Matthew" and will never again in this lifetime get to hear you say " I love you too Mom" .
So until God puts you back in my arms again I want to say " Thank you for making me so proud,Thank you for being my precious son and most of all Thank you for being YOU" .
And until then "May God Hold You In The Palm Of His Hand" .
With all my heart forever

What six words best describe Matthew?

Lisa Kozel
Brave-Strong-Smart-Honest-Kind- Funny

What's your favorite picture of Matthew?

Lisa Kozel
So goofy it makes my heart laugh !! Haha