PFC Robert Kent Mattson, USMC

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What are some of the best selfies PFC Robert took?

Mark Weston

Did PFC Robert have nicknames?

Mark Weston
Bobby was called "Hard Charger" by his fellow Marines.

How do you plan to honor PFC Robert's memory?

Mark Weston
Bobby has been honored by having his name added to The Wall in Washington DC. His name also appears on memorial monuments in Mt. Jackson, VA where is was recruited from, and Manchester, CT where his parents moved shortly after he enlisted into the US Marines.

Is there anything about the cause of death that you want others to know?

Mark Weston
Bobby was killed instantly when he stepped on an anti-tank mine while clearing the road from Cam Lo to Con Thien, Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam.

Were there experiences or moments that PFC Robert couldn't stop talking about?

Mark Weston
Bobby wrote in a letter to his parents that he would never take America for granted ever again. He said that the best way to describe where he was in Vietnam as "hell on earth".

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