Dinese Louise Schmunck - Dam & Brian James Dam

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

What are some of Dinese and Brian's favorite things to do together?

Dinese Schmunck-Dam
Together we like to go motorcycle riding, we like to watch our special shows on TV, we like to go dancing and gambling.

List all the vacations taken together. Which was best?

Dinese Schmunck-Dam
Brian and I have been to North Carolina, South Dakota and Florida. The ones in North Carolina are the best

Do Dinese and Brian have a special place?

Dinese Schmunck-Dam
Yes we have a special place. We like to go to Pets. Especially on the motorcycle

Friends & family: What have you learned from them?

Dinese Schmunck-Dam
Thats theres more to life than sitting around. That even though we may not see them very much, the friendship is always there

Friends & family: How have they changed?

Dinese Schmunck-Dam
We have gotten closer as the years and learned to be appreciated more.

Any photos or videos of Dinese and Brian dancing?

Dinese Schmunck-Dam
Don't have any videos of us dancing.

How did Dinese and Brian meet?

What's a favorite photo from early in the relationship?

What's a favorite photo from later in the relationship?

What six words best describe Dinese?

What six words best describe Brian?

Who brings what to this relationship?