Sylvia Jeanne Carter

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

How would Sylvia most want to be remembered?

Tonya Boatwright
She would want everyone to remember all the good and goofy times we all had with her! And like I said she would loved to be remembered being the BIGGEST WASHINGTON REDSKINS FAN!!!!! Also she was the best mom ever!!!

If you could send Sylvia a message now, what would you say?

Tonya Boatwright
Mom I miss you everyday of the year. I do think of you often like on your birthday and holidays!!! I can't wait to see you again. Life will take it's course but at the end we shall be with one another at some point!!

What are your best memories of time together?

Tonya Boatwright
Watching football and eating wings on Sundays!!!!

What made Sylvia happy?

Tonya Boatwright
Her family first and then watching the Redskins kicking the Dallas Cowboys ass!!!!

How do you plan to honor Sylvia's memory?

Tonya Boatwright
To follow her loving and caring ways of living. Enjoy time with my family and friends. And always be true to myself and anyone that comes into my life!!!

Did Sylvia have a favorite pet? Have a photo of them together?

Tonya Boatwright
I don't have a picture but her favorite pet was a handsome dog by the name of DOG when we lived in Poteet, Texas!

Have you felt the presence of Sylvia in your dreams or prayers?

Tonya Boatwright
I definitely felt her on June 4th 1994 when I walked across the stage to get my diploma!! I also feel her a lot thru out the year!!!

Best photo looking silly?

Tonya Boatwright
She was posing in the mirror!

What six words best describe Sylvia?

What's your favorite picture of Sylvia?

What objects most remind you of Sylvia? Have a photo?

What were the most life-changing moments for Sylvia?