We are thankful for our Rose

We are grateful that God allowed us to share in a lifetime of memories with the amazing, beautiful, loving, compassionate and funny Rose Lucille King Siron. Please enter here, spend as much time as you like and share your memories of Rose.


Rose Lucille Siron

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

If you could send Rose a message now, what would you say?

Diana Lunan
Mama, you spent your life nurturing each and everyone of us. You worried constantly about our welfare. Your days of worry are over now. You taught us well. We will be sad for losing you but we will all be OK. We are happy for you, for you are free to fly with the Angels.

Did Rose have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

Diana Lunan
Even when Mom was in the Care Center she had a sense of humor and was easily amused by Don Lunan. Here she developed a favorite saying that always made us smile. It was "Oh, boy!"

What did Rose dislike?

Diana Lunan
She did not like this haircut! When Dad was taking caring of Moms grooming needs we decided she needed a hair cut that he could style easily. I took her to get a new style. When she finally saw herself in this adorable cut she was very upset and took to wearing hats for weeks. In this photo, I had just told her that her hair cut looked just like the cut us three sisters had to get at the beginning of every summer. Mom took us, kicking and screaming, to the barber shop every June to get our Pixie cut. She replied with a big grin "So this is payback, huh?"

Anything about the cause of death that you want others to know?

Diana Lunan
Rose was one of millions of people that are inflicted with the horrible disease called Alzheimer's. It robs the patient of the golden years of their life and disrupts what should be a wonderful time spent with friends and family.
Please visit this web site if you have a loved one that you think may have this disease.

Did Rose have a favorite pet? Have a photo of them together?

Diana Lunan
Our family had many pets over the course of the years but her favorite by far was her Odie dog.

How do you plan to celebrate Rose's memory?

Diana Lunan
The family will gather together this coming summer at the family home and have a barbecue in the backyard with lots of Rose's favorite things. Delectable's like hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, garlic dill pickles, pistachio pudding salad, and of course Marion berry pie and ice cream. The badminton set will be set up as well as the croquet balls. We will celebrate her memory every time we draw together as family and friends to share in life's cherished moments.

Could you post photos showing different hairstyles over the years?

Diana Lunan
Rose has lots of different hairstyles over the years. My favorite memory of Moms hair was when I was about 10. At that time she wore it long an pulled back in a French bun. I loved to brush it for her. I'll never forget coming across this photo of her. As kids we never saw Mom like this. She was all dressed up for a New years Eve Party. It opened my eyes to the fact that our mother had another life other than us. I saw her as her own person from them on.

Do you have a video of Rose singing or dancing?

Diana Lunan
We hadn't seen Mom dance for a very long time, it seemed. Then at Shelby and Jon's wedding she wanted to be on the dance floor the minute she heard the music. We were all so tickled to see her having such a great time. She danced the night away with anyone that wanted to dance with her. It was even a more special occasion because Mom and Dad were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary that very week.
The next morning I called the folks house to check on her and was surprised to have her answer the phone. I exclaimed "Mama what are you doing up already?". She replied "Why do you ask that silly question? I always get up at this time."
I laughed and replied back "Yes but Mama you were the Queen of the ball last night and you danced the night away! I thought for sure you would be very tired today." In her very own brand of humor, she replied back. "Well, I was a professional dancer you know?" As far as we know she was not that. It didn't matter to me. It was just the perfect comeback. I'll never forget it.

How did Rose affect other people?

Diana Lunan
Rose loved to be silly. She could make you laugh wether you were a two year old or a senior citizen. He lightheartedness was endured by us all. She drew people in by her true interest in others and caring nature for them. Her fan club was far and wide.

Have you felt the presence of Rose in your dreams or prayers?

Diana Lunan
My Mom always loved her flower garden and her Roses. I can't help but feel her presence whenever I smell the fragrance of a beautiful Rose. She is always in my prayers and I hope to see her again in my dreams.

How would Rose most want to be remembered?

Diana Lunan
Mom was always the center of our extended family. Her Home was the celebration spot for almost every life event. Her biggest delight was having friends and family around her to laugh and enjoy life with.
She brought us all together. I think she would like us to remember her by the love that she showed each and everyone of us.

What did Rose love?

Diana Lunan
Mom loved her family, her nieces and nephews, her grand babies and her friends. People were very important to her. She was very kind and caring towards complete strangers. She would offer help to anyone that needed it.
She was a bowler for most of her adult life because she enjoyed the laughter and social gathering of all those beautiful league ladies. Of course the fabulous lunches they all shared together after the games was a big bonus. :o).