We are thankful for our Rose

We are grateful that God allowed us to share in a lifetime of memories with the amazing, beautiful, loving, compassionate and funny Rose Lucille King Siron. Please enter here, spend as much time as you like and share your memories of Rose.


Rose Lucille Siron

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What did Rose dislike?

Diana Lunan
She did not like this haircut! When Dad was taking caring of Moms grooming needs we decided she needed a hair cut that he could style easily. I took her to get a new style. When she finally saw herself in this adorable cut she was very upset and took to wearing hats for weeks. In this photo, I had just told her that her hair cut looked just like the cut us three sisters had to get at the beginning of every summer. Mom took us, kicking and screaming, to the barber shop every June to get our Pixie cut. She replied with a big grin "So this is payback, huh?"