Martin Waldman & Sandra Nemser

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What do you admire most about Martin or Sandra?

Steven Waldman
They both get the unconditional-love-of-your-children thing really well.

I admire dad for: starting his own business; being very ethical in his business dealings; his passion about politics and the less fortunate; his hatred of snobbery and elitism; that he likes steak tartare; his PR skills; his supportiveness; his instant radio voice; his good fatherly advice

I admire mom for: her guts in going into an all male profession; her guts in starting a new career late in life; her ability to edit restaurant menus; her kindness; her nuanced feminism; her great editorial skills; her gentleness and mommy love
Gordon Waldman
I truly admire both of my grandparents for their incredible intelligence as well as how much they care about each and every person in our family and in the world. They are always genuinely interested in everything I have to say and what I am doing with my life. Despite having difficulties walking now, their love has no limits and they traveled across the country to visit both me and my cousin Ben. The love that they have for their family and their country are evident in their every action. Even as they have aged they have remained extremely up to date on current events and are always disgusted by injustice wherever it occurs. I have never encountered such loving and empathetic people. Here is a picture from their recent trip to Atlanta.
Amy Cunningham
My darling mother-in-law Sandra and father-in-law Marty are just about the kindest, most psychologically astute people I've ever met. They are never critical of anyone (except the various Republican candidates for president). In the nearly 30 years I've known them, they've never said a harsh or judgmental word. How could this be? Who is that uniformly disciplined and terrific? From them, I've received only love and praise, enthusiasm for my projects and ventures. They are proud of all of us--their two sons, their two daughters-in-law, and their five grandchildren. They love us all and we love them back. I admire them ferociously.