Martin Waldman & Sandra Nemser

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What are some fond memories you have with them?

Gordon Waldman
I too have extremely fond memories of spending time with my grandparents in their Berkshire house. I loved going to the sushi place Bizen with them and then seeing a movie in the local theater. I also always loved our breakfasts every day in that house. When I was younger I would always wake up very early, and Grandma Sandy and Popop would be up and ready to make food. There was always plenty of bagels, lox, white-fish, cream cheese and much more. I remember having some great conversations during those breakfasts.
Joseph Waldman
I always love discussing politics over dinner with the grandma and grandpa whenever I'm visiting New York. They have such great insights and stories. I'll also never forget my visits to their home in the Berkshires as kid. My brother Gordon and I always had such a great time playing in the snow during the winter before going inside to watch a movie with them. Love you grandma and grandpa!