Leigh Ann Manfredo

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How would you like people to remember you?

Leigh Manfredo
As an honest loyal and happy friend
Eric Mahoneysr
Great lover
Leigh Manfredo
Eric Mahoneysr
Would you date him,smart away girl
Eric Mahoneysr
Thank goodness for the next couple of days are you available for a quick visit you and I can go to the bank and get a quick note to let you know I'm thinking of you and hope to hear you

Do you have a creed or philosophy of life?

Leigh Manfredo
Trust no One and Live to Ride and Ride to Live
Leigh Manfredo

What are you grateful for?

Leigh Manfredo
My children and the fact that God let me stay on this planet after my car wreck to try and do right by them.

What are the origins of your first name, last name and nicknames?

Leigh Manfredo
My first name is Leigh and my middle name is an and it came about to be Leigh Ann from my mom's to girlfriends Bonnie and Karen. My last name comes from Royalty
Meaning and Origin
Italian: from the Germanic personal name Mag(in)frid, composed of the elements mag(in) ‘strength’, ‘might’ + frid ‘peace’ (common in Lombardic records in the mid- and late 8th century). Compare Manfred. The name was most famously borne by Manfredo (c.1232–66), king of Sicily 1258–66, son of the Holy Roman emperor Frederick II.
And last but not least my nick name is Lulu and was given to me by Ron Pollock on a camping trip with Phil, Charlie, Karol, Lindale and me. Let's just say I was drunk.

Do you have any regrets?

Leigh Manfredo
Yes I think we all do. Mine is being a drunk for so many years and losing out on some fantastic memories, because I was to drunk to remember

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